Up Your Street: We Are Leicester

We Are Leicester is an interactive art trail that will take place across Leicester’s Riverside Festival on Saturday 3rd and Sunday June 4th 2023. 10 artworks will be exhibited focusing on a theme of ‘Unity’, celebrating Leicester’s rich diversity. 

Five artists will be commissioned to work on two artworks each: 

The first is a collaboration with a city community group. 

The second is the artist’s own response to the theme inspired by the time spent with the community group. 

These artworks will then form a trail aimed at celebrating the local communities that are part of the city. The trail will be brought to life by clues hidden in each piece, which audiences can work out by visiting each artwork. By collecting each clue and answering them right, great art prizes can be won by entering contacting us through our social media accounts.

Theme: Unity

The recent unrest in Leicester alongside the long-term effects of an extended Covid lockdown in the city 2020/21 has had an enormous impact on how people feel about their city. Throughout these problems it is a sense of community that kept Leicester pushing forwards & this project is aimed at celebrating these communities.

The Artists 

Each commissioned artist has been selected due to their style of art and their personal connection with the proposed community group. 

Each artist will work with their community group over a series of four workshops. The workshops will focus on strengthening social ties, developing new skills and creating the final artwork ready for the trail.